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For those fully-chartering one of our boats, we offer various itineraries. On request we can also help you put together an individual itinerary to suit your own requirements.

Our favourite itinerary is Route 1, which takes in the most beautiful section of coast in the whole of Turkey - the Lycian coast between Kalkan and Myra. Here you will find fragrant pine forests, sunken cities, Lycian sarcophagi out in the sea and any number of tiny bays and picturesque fishing villages. In all, a totally unspoilt part of the world where a friendly welcome from the locals comes as standard.

Tours 2 and 3 take you to the Gulfs of Göcek and Fethiye with their numerous bays and tiny islands. If you prefer a different route, we can organise this with you.

Of course, there is also the option of a14-day Blue Cruise, which allows you to combine the different routes.

The pre-arranged itineraries can be changed on site by the captain.

Embarkation Saturday afternoon, disembarkation Saturday 9am.

Itinerary 1



Our Favourite...

Itinerary 2



From Fethiye to Marmaris...

Itinerary 3



Gulf of Göcek...