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Terms and Conditions

By booking a trip with the organiser, clients shall enter into a travel agreement with the organiser.
Travel bookings must be done in writing via email. The travel agreement shall come into force through written confirmation of bookings by email. In the event that hotel management fails to follow through on the offer agreed, a new similar offer shall be made to clients. Clients are free to accept or decline such offer.
Clients shall agree to provide a full and correct email address. The organiser cannot be held accountable for incorrect information provided by clients.

  1. Payment:
    By entering into this travel agreement, clients shall be liable to pay the applicable deposit for bookings made.
  2. The total travel price, minus payments already made, shall be due on receipt of travel documentation by clients.
    In the absence of payment in full, the organiser shall have the right to refuse to allow clients to proceed with their booked holidays.
    All prices listed apply to the season indicated and are listed in euros for all accommodation. Prices are agreed between participating hotels and Brigitte Krickl Reisen-GmbH and may deviate from existing prices at the holiday location.
    We charge 6 Euro for credit card payments.
  3. Cancellation:
    Clients may cancel any bookings made prior to commencement of travel. All cancellations must be done via email. This shall not apply to flight bookings, which are subject to the conditions of the relevant airline. Bookings shall be taken to be cancelled upon receipt of a statement of travel cancellation by the organiser. In the event that clients decide to cancel their bookings, the organiser shall be entitled to claim repayment of any costs incurred in relation to the booking, as well as compensation for other travel arrangements already made.
    Up to 28 days prior to commencement of travel 20 %
    Between 22 and 27 days prior to commencement of travel 35 %
    Between 15 and 21 days prior to commencement of travel 45 %
    Between 7 and 14 days prior to commencement of travel 55 %
    Between 1 and 6 days prior to commencement of travel 80 %
    Day of arrival 100 %
    Notwithstanding the above, clients shall be entitled to claim that less costs, or none at all, were incurred by the organiser, or less compensation, or none at all, is payable to the organiser, subject to clients being able to substantiate such claims.
  4. Obligation of cooperation by clients:
    Clients shall agree to cooperate in the event of any problems in the delivery of services to them by the organiser, or other parties on its behalf, and to report all problems to hotel management on location, as well as to avoid causing any damage, or the least amount of damage possible.
    In the event of any damage to, or loss of, luggage while travelling, the relevant handling company shall be responsible.
    In such an event, handling companies are required to provide written confirmation to this effect.
  5. Flight bookings:
    Flight times shall be those stated on the ticket. Clients who are flying shall reconfirm their flights 48 hours prior to departure. In particular, this shall apply to return flights.
  6. Travel documentation:
    Clients shall be solely responsible for ensuring that they have a valid passport, visa, as well as all other requisite travel documentation.
  7. Indemnification:
    Clients shall make all claims in relation to the performance of services that fall outside the scope of this travel agreement known to the relevant travel agent within one month following termination of the trip provided for in the agreement.
    Once such period has expired, clients shall only be able to make any claims provided they can substantiate that they were prevented from making such claims during such period, for reasons beyond their control.
  8. Changing bookings:
    In the event that hotel, transfer, or rental car, bookings are changed 28 days prior to the commencement of travel, a one-off fee of 30 euros per person shall be charged. After such period, the rates set out in Clause 4 above shall apply. This shall not apply to changes in flight bookings, which are subject to the conditions of the relevant airline.
  9. Premature termination of trips:
    In the event of premature termination of the booked holiday, hotels shall not be obliged to reimburse part of any costs incurred. Clients shall have to clarify any such issues relating thereto with the relevant hotel on location.
  10. Fidelity guarantee insurance:
    The organiser has taken out a fidelity guarantee insurance for its clients, which protects them against the insolvency of the organiser. This has been a legal requirement since 1.11.1995. All clients who book a package holiday shall receive a copy of the insurance policy documentation, with confirmation of their booking.
  11. Prices:
    All offers made via this hotel portal are valid at the time of publication. Changes may occur and we reserve the right to make them.
  12. Organiser
    Organiser as defined in accordance with relevant travel law:
    Brigitte Krickl Reisen GmbH
    Neckarstrasse 55
    73728 Esslingen, Germany
    Commercial Register: 3103